Art Requirements

When sending us artwork to be printed, please make sure that you meet the following requirements.
If you supply art files that do not meet these requirements, additional charges may apply if we are able to make them work. If you supply unusable files, your order will be delayed until we receive what we need.
If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us.

Screen printing requirements
Button requirements

Screen printing (t-shirts, etc.)

-Artwork must be "camera ready." That means there's nothing left to tweak before the art is used to make the screens with which we print your shirts.

-Files should be saved at 300dpi. (See below for formats.)

-Art needs to be sized at the actual size you want it to be on the shirt.
(Currently, our standard maximum print size is 12.5"w x 18"h. Prints larger than this may be possible, depending on the image. Please email us if your image exceeds this size.)

-Art needs to be in black ONLY, with no gradients. Not black on white with shades of grey, but solid black with a white or transparent background.
(Note: A quick way to do this in raster programs [Photoshop/GIMP/others] is to convert your image to grayscale, then "Posterize" the image with a level of 2. Or, you can use the "Threshold" command for more control. If you are new to this, when you think you've got it, view your image at 400% or better. If you see only black & white, you've succeeded; if you see any grey at all, you need to keep working on it.)

-If you're sending a vector file type (CorelDraw, Freehand, Illustrator, Inkscape, et al.), make sure that that all text has been converted to curves/paths.

-Please make sure that you send us artwork containing no more than four colors. (We print a maximum of four screens, and we encourage 1 & 2 color designs, as this saves you money.)

-If you are sending art for a multi-color image, art should be properly separated. Please send a separate file for each color for printing and a low-resolution, full-color file for reference. Ideally, your multi-color art will have been created or edited in a program using layers, and it will be a matter of saving your layers separately and converting them to black as noted above.
(If you have a multi-color image, but are unable to separate the colors yourself, we can probably do it for you. However, there will be a charge for doing so. If this is what you need, please email us.)

Preferred:   .PSD   .TIFF   .PDF  .CDR   .AI   .EPS
Sometimes acceptable:    .GIF   .BMP   .JPG 

Good vector files are probably the best. (Just remember to convert your text to paths/curves when sending vector files.) However, as long you send a single-layer, completely black & white image, at 300dpi resolution, at actual printable size, you should be okay. 

A word of warning: Don't take a low-res image and simply resave it at 300dpi. The quality of the image will not improve. If you have a poor-quality image (such as one with "jaggies"), you'll have a poor quality image on your final product. You can get a pretty good approximate of what your final print will look like by printing it out you before you send it. If it's solid black, the right size, and the edges look smooth enough, you're probably safe. If not, you probably need to work on it some more.

[An easy way out: If you want a text-only design (i.e., the name of your band), find a good freeware font that you like and send us the name of the font, the site you got it from, and the size & placement of the font. If we can get the font this way, we will use it to make the art, it will be camera-ready, and there will be NO DESIGN or ART FEE! (Great, huh?) More here.]

Button File Requirements

-Full color and black & white images are both acceptable.
     tip: if button is Black & white (w/ or w/o greys), convert to greyscale when designing (before saving & sending).
-File should be designed and saved at 300 dpi or better
-Art needs to be at the actual size you want it to be on the button.
-If you're sending a vector file type (CorelDraw, Freehand, Illustrator, Inkscape, et al.), make sure that that all text has been converted to curves/paths.
-Flatten all layers before sending.

Preferred:   .PSD   .TIFF   .PDF  .CDR   .AI   .EPS
Usually acceptable:   .JPG   .GIF   .BMP

To make sure your button art is fully camera-ready, please use our button templates and follow the instructions given. 

As above, if  you send a single-layer image, at 300dpi resolution, at actual printable size, (with text converted to paths/curves when sending vector files)-- you should be okay.


If you have any questions about artwork, please email us!




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