We want to see great designs on your shirts, buttons, and other keen gear. Eye-catching artwork is a big part of why we like to print! 
We can create designs for you, work with designs from other professionals, or give you some help in creating your own.

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Design by Rockwell

If you'd like our help with artwork, we can create original designs for you, or we can tweak your artwork to make it camera-ready.

How our design procedure works:

-When you submit your order request, you'll also request the design work you need for us to do.
-If you simply need your artwork tweaked, we'll do so, and allow you to approve the Art Proof that we send as part of the ordering  process.
-If you ask us to create an original design for you, we'll follow these steps:

1. We'll talk with you, usually via email, to find out what sort of design you're looking for. 
2. We'll create up to three variations of the artwork, and send samples of these to you for you to choose between. If one comes close, but needs just a little adjustment, we'll do the first revision for free. (Additional revisions, or completely new artwork, will be charged for at our current rates.)
3. You reply back to us, letting us know which design you've picked.
4. We'll send you an Art Proof (unless you've already requested that we proceed without proofs.)
5. You send us your final approval.
6. If all other Ordering requirements are met, we'll move on to producing your order!

You can find out more about design fees on our Pricing page and how ordering works on our Ordering page.

Note: Legally, when artwork is created, copyright to that work automatically belongs to its creator, unless other arrangements have been made. If we create artwork for you, you receive the right to use that artwork for orders printed by us. If you're interested in obtaining copyright or broader license to use the artwork, please contact us. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.


Other Designers

There are a lot of talented graphic designers out there. Some are professionals, some are design students, and some are people who have the skills and do it here & there. If you already know someone you can work with, that's great. Otherwise, start asking around. If you see designs you like (especially among bands that are local to you), try to find out who did the design work. When you do find designers, try to check out their previous work. Talk to them about what you need, and  see if they're someone you can work with. Once you choose a designer, make sure that you provide them with our Art Requirements before they start working on the design.


Do it Yourself

If you're into designing your own artwork, or you'd just like to save some money by giving it a try, you should check out our DIY Design page! It includes helpful design tips, as well as links to design-related sites and some good graphics freeware.



How to choose- pros & cons

There are benefits & drawbacks to each design source option:

Having us do it for you-

Pros: We're right here; you don't have to involve a third party. Also, when we create the design for you, the artwork is guaranteed to meet our art requirements. You'll pay our design fees, but you won't have to pay us to clean up a messy file.

Cons: We're a professional screenprinting company with some design experience; a professional designer may be able to provide greater flexibility and expertise. Also, we do charge for design work. If you're trying to save as much money as you can, you may be able to do it yourself (or have someone else do it) for free.

Enlisting the help of another designer-

Pros: Another designer may have experience and skills that will really enhance your project. Also, you may be able to connect with a design student who can help you for less money (if they charge at all), and end up with a great design. Most designers should be able to meet our art requirements (which means we shouldn't have to charge you to clean up their files.)

Cons: Professional designers cost money. Student designers may require extra time to fit the work into their schedules.
Also, using another designer means introducing a third party into the effort to get your merch completed. The complications of three-way communication may slow the process down a bit.

Doing it yourself-

Pros: Saving money. Being able to take your time. The opportunity to give your fans something (in addition to your music) that is distinctly "yours".

Cons: If you don't have the skills or the ideas, it's probably going to be noticeable on a merch table next to other bands stuff. If the files don't meet our art requirements, we'll still have to charge to clean them up. Also, if you lack the time or the software or the experience, the frustration & time spent may not be worth the money saved.

Our recommendation is this: If you need basic design work done, we're a good place to start. If you need detailed work done, you're probably better off finding a designer who has the experience to produce exactly what you're looking for. If you need to save money, you can take shot at doing it yourself. (Of course, if you are a designer, you're in good shape!)



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