How the Ordering Process Works

1. First, you contact us. Emailing us a completed Order Request form is the best way to make sure we get all needed
information. If you have art, include it, too. If not, include your request for design work.
(Please review our Terms & Conditions prior to submitting your Order Request.)

2. We'll review your request and send you a quote. We'll also try to answer any questions you might have, and ask for any further information we might need.

3. When we've worked out the details of the order with you, and you've accepted the quote, we will bill you, usually via email.

4. You then pay the invoice. Payment is handled through PayPal, unless other arrangements are made. Our email will provide a link to the place where you'll pay. You will not need a PayPal account; follow the instructions as with any other online purchase.

5. After receiving payment, we proceed with artwork preparation, and email you art proofs final inspection (for correct colors, spelling, etc.)

6. You respond to the email indicating your approval, or any changes that may need to be made.

7. After we receive approval of art proofs, we proceed with your order.

8. After printing your order, we arrange delivery—by carrier if we're shipping to you, or we'll work out a mutually acceptable delivery place & time if you're local. (If there are any remaining charges, you will be billed prior to shipment/delivery.)

9. You get your order, and hopefully start selling merch like crazy!

We want to work with you to make sure that your merch is ready when you need it!

We estimate about 3 weeks from acceptance of an order to shipment. However, turnaround time may increase due to delays in approval of art proofs, and/or delays in payment of any remaining balance prior to shipping.

If you need your order on a deadline, please let us know! The more advance notice you can give us, the better. Also, the more prepared you are (with quantities, sizes, colors, proper art, etc.), the more quickly we'll be able get to work on your order.

Thanks for choosing us to do your printing!

Get Order Request forms here.



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